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  • Description of a converter operating @ LHC (poster) French / English


  • Power Converter or Power Supply
    Electrical Power System which includes at least: a Power Source, a Controller and a Sensor.

  • Power Source
    Electrical system which adapts energy source quantities (e.g. voltage, current) to a load following a given reference.
    A Power Converter often uses a Voltage Power source, commonly called Voltage Source.

  • Load
    System connected to the Power Source's output terminals, usually a magnet (R-L Series eq. circuit).

  • Power Part
    Mechanical and electrical parts of the Power Source which deal with high voltage/current levels (> 50 V or > 1 A).

  • Output circuit
    The circuit in the Power Source that links the isolating device (transformer) and the output terminals.

  • Control Part
    Power Source’s low-voltage (< 50 V, < 1 A) logic/analog signals related to systems controlling the Power Part.

  • Controller
    A device placed interacting with the CERN Control Centre (CCC) and the Power Source, which
    • Acts as a standardization layer for the CCC
    • Manages Power Source diagnostics and control, and generates the Power Source reference.

  • Sensor
    Device which measures a quantity (e.g. a hall-effect current probe, a DCCT in case of a current sensor).

  • Interlock Controller
    System managing the interlock system, interacting with the Power Converter and ensuring people and Load safety.