topBefore coming at CERN

To access CERN site, a badge is required (including visitor). Please make sure a request was done before coming at CERN (your CERN contact arranging it). You will have to declare your nationality, and the car immatriculation if using a car to enter any CERN site for the request process). Request form here.

Mandatory Fields (2019-01): Name, First Name, Nationality, Licence plate number, Email, Birth Place (City, Country), Date of Birth).

topGetting your badge

The badge must be collected at Building 33, in CERN Meyrin site, in Switzerland.


CERN Building 33 .edms, using maps

topReaching CERN Building 866

Members of the te-epc-lpc section can be found in Building 866, which is on CERN Prevessin Site, in France.
Crossing the boarder is required, using the road indicated below is the shortest itinerary.


Road from Building 33 to Building 866 .edms

Members of the te-epc-lpc section can be found in Building 866 1st & 2nd floor. The parking are indicated below, around the Building 866. It can be noticed that a restaurant and a cafeteria is located in this Building 866.


CERN Building 866 .edms, using maps

topSending Material to CERN

Two addresses can be used (power labs are located in CERN Meyrin site, Building 287 Quai principal de déchargement: ou quai secondaire: .

CERN Site de Prevessin, Building xxx, F-01631 CERN Cedex, France

CERN Meyrin Site, Building xxx, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland

topEmail Lists

Any CERN user can use the predefined email lists below