topHow To Enter Data in .xls file


    • Get the pdf datasheet of the related components.
    • Save and rename the REF_Type of component_(MANUFACTURER).pdf here: .web, or more convenient (explorer):
      \\\te-epc-lpc\components\datasheets\te-epc-lpc (converters)
      • Example:
        IRF640S_Transistor MOSFET_(IR).pdf
        (space are authorised and _ is used to separate the 3 required fields)
    • Open the .xls file.
      • Insert a line, copy or insert the relevant information.
      • Insert the datasheet link in the .xls file (ctrl+K on the cell) to be copied here .web : (Ctrl+F to find it + Clic right + Copy link).
      • Insert the edh document link in the xls file (ctrl+K on the cell).
      • Once .xls file completed, use ONLY the save and html button in the .xls file, which will create the xls file, a related html file, and a backup for history of the file.
      • Accept always to rewrite files.


    • If you don't have the rights, transmit the datasheet pdf file and the modified .xls to admin to the site. They will simply open the xls file and use the save and html button to update the .xls file on the website.
    • Great care not to be several working on the .xls file and saving the .xls file in between, some datas could be lost (archive would correct these exceptionnal cases).