Photo of the converter


Inner Triplet: nested converters essential for LHC High Performances.

1st Intervention LPC icon Piquet TE-EPC LHC(161919)
Responsibles: Hugues THIESEN Hugues THIESEN
Vincent BARBET Vincent BARBET
Developped CERN AB-PO
Manufactured Geneva
Location where installed: UAs, RRs, UJs
Use LHC 8 system + 1 spare Hall P
Fonction ...
Power In 3 ~ 230V/..A
Power Out xxA xxV
Cooling type Water & Fans
Weight xxkg
Control type FGC2 / WorldFip


Simplified Control Architecture

Shema of the system

Control Part simplified Architecture / Topology .vsd

Simplified Schematic

Shema of the system

Power Part simplified Architecture / Topology .vsd


An additionnal Free Wheeling Diode was added in // to Q3. This diode is made of 2 press-pack diodes mounted in //.
Ref: D4457D