topInvolved Peoples

Eve FORTESCUE-BECK Eve FORTESCUE-BECK Project Leader & Designer [BE-CO-DA]
Katarina SIGERUD Katarina SIGERUD → CERN Database Section Leader [BE-CO-DA]
Michel GEORGES Michel GEORGES R2E-Database Linkman [Converter]
Yves THUREL Yves THUREL → R2E-EPC Leader [Converter]
Giovanni SPIEZIA Giovanni SPIEZIA → R2E test Expert [EN-STI]
Markus BRUGGER Markus BRUGGER → R2E-CERN Leader [EN-STI]

topDatabase Overview

This database intends to collect + trace + manage all components involved in the production of radiation-tolerant units to be used at CERN in the R2E project context. This database will be used in the R2E-EPC context first, and can be developped for CERN larger community if successful.

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LHC Status Operation L.S.1 Operation
Phases Specifications Design Protoype Production

Component Level
- Import radiation component test results
- Visualize radiation individual or group test results
Multi-Database Links
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Multi-Database Links, tools

Projective Planning

topDatabase Architecture

The database focus on component management, even if it could be possible to use its mechanism to also trace some full cards test results.

The database should fit with the approach, which consists in testing some units from a given batch of components, being then sacrified, to deduce the whole batch behaviour under radiation exposure.

The database should be able to take in account at least 3 different types of tests for radiation approval process (Total ionizing dose, Singe Event, Displacement Damage), and will have to cope with around 200 different types of components (transistor, optocouplers...).

The database should be able to manage component stock quantities, since repair maintenance will rely on component availability, and in some cases, remaining parts could be use for other new projects.

Detailed Component Test Procedure


Overview of the database - data flux .vsd

topDatabase Design

top Database Layout

top Database Units Definition & Terms

topDatabase Usage

Some example of dedicated uses of the database are described below.

User Action / Usage
R/W type         Purpose                  Keywords                             Comment                   
Radiation Tester
Rad. Tester will enter radiation test data (results, conditions) with all maximum info already proposed/pre-filled. Handy, multi data inport (xls, manual), clear, pre-filled, guided, interface, copy, clone. A lot of effort is required to obtain good definition of important test data to be filled. Data results must be easy to enter (xls import, possibility to manually enter it...)
Designer will read data about components to chosse correct one. Clear, export / display vs differents x,y cases, flexibility, interpretation. This user will want to access quickly to information, but should not be biased by hidden test important settings. Quick but not biased browsing
Repair Engineer
Repair Engineer will collect component information, and test result to understand failures. Clear, precise, details, multi database links, multi database export. This user acts like a designer but will certainly be more precise regarding to understand some potential issue. He will also try to link some potential sensitive components with installed material.

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