This website was initially created beginning of 2009 for helping a 10-people CERN team working on various power converters in an efficient and modern way, using a central website for managing all useful documentation. This website is not part of official operationnal documentation, since TE-EPC group gets its own operational documentation management system.


This website is almost entirely dedicated to power converter design and operation (few Watts up to hundreds of kWatts). A lot of CERN homemade designs are presented in detail; external to CERN private company working for CERN via contracts ones are also present, with natural restrictions on the content available in such case. It appears that the content can be considered as a way to promote work from these different actors, showing products designed by talented companies and becoming a kind of “showroom” of what they can produce for very demanding accelerator machine field.


The content is specific to power converters used in high energy particles accelerator domain, which can be assimilated as a large installation (up to 27km long underground areas in the case of LHC) which has to be in operation for 20 to 50 years in general, using thousands of equipments of several different types, and in various environments (submitted to radiations or not).


A great care is taken not diffusing private or/and design homemade companies in the pages or through the photos of these equipments described in the pages, with primary goal being not to violate any confidential information company would like to keep private. On this basis, this website content will definitively stays public and can then be used by young electronic power designers, or to anybody interested in power converters in general.


This website intends to respect strictly:

  • The author rights, giving the original references (author, book, webpages…) of any information which is used when not emerging from a CERN homemade work. We display some parts of information when already available on the web, or/and referring the extracts or pictures to its original author they belong to when known.
  • Use of email only once its owner has given a formal approval.
  • The Netiquette principle each time it is applicable. ( link)

If it appears that some information is not respecting this rule, or if the author doesn’t want to share some extracts of his publications, please contact us, we would immediately and without any discussion remove related information.

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This website intends to respect strictly:

  • The w3c rules in its design.
  • Follow the web design lpc guidelines