Simplified Schematic


  • Low Power Converter / Modules: from some Watts up to several kWatts on multi-modules units.
  • Compact / Modular Converter.
  • High Frequency Switch-Mode and 4-quadrant Topologies.
  • Radiation-Tolerant Converter.
  • Low to medium size series: from some units up to several hundreds units.


  • Power Converter Studies
    • Design, construction and procurement of power converters.
    • Follow the state-of-the-art in the domain and develop products where necessary.

  • Operation support
    • Take adequate actions to improve the M.T.B.F and Lifetime of equipments.
    • Take preventive or corrective maintenance to minimize operation down-time.
    • Provides people (most of section technicians) to TE-EPC LHC Piquet Standby Service Team.
    • Provides general support: specific equipments / dedicated tools and documentation to reduce the M.T.T.R.

  • EPC Project Contributions & EPC representatives
    • R2E: Radiation to Electronics upgrade + EPC representative.
    • L.I.U: LHC Injectors Upgrade studies + EPC representative for PS and PSB Upgrade.
    • Booster: EPC coordinator.
    • HL-LHC: Providing converters for next LHC upgrade.

  • General support to EPC group:
    • Provide support on specific domains like EMC, thermal for the group users, managing relevant equipements and adequate documentation.
    • Provide support on the radiation issues, ensuring a strong link with Radio-Protection group at CERN.

topGraphs illustrating the section core speciality

  • Core activity is mainly in low voltage high current, as shown below. The section is responsible of more than 3 000 converters in operation at CERN.


Situation @ 2016-10 of "converter families" versus: [Iout; Vout] Rating  -  [Iout] Rating  -  [Vout] Rating  -  [Pout] Rating
converter family sources .edms