2 phases are forseen for the 287-Power Lab.

  • Phase 1: Power Lab only.
    • Standard Lab for repairing heavy Power Modules.
    • Layout integrates a vestibule (sas), but door is let opened per default.
    • Layout integrates boxes for clothes, with the possibility to wear them (change clothes process with 2 personnal cases).
    • One "dust-remove" station.
    • All material inside is marked and traced, and must not leave the lab.

  • Phase 2: R2E/Rad Power Lab.
    • Tranformation of the power lab into a Radiation Lab.
    • vestibule (sas) integrates a PAD (personal ...), and door is locked per default; a card reader grants access only.
    • Ventilation upgraded, filter adapated to radiation environnement.
    • Entering the lab requires specific clothes.
    • All material inside is marked and traced, all intervention are reported in an informatic system.


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Power Lab
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R2E Lab

Projective Planning


  • Ventilation system has to put lab under pressure to avoid any risk of contaminated air to exit the lab.
  • Ventilation system use specific high filtration filters for radiation purposes.
  • All surfaces must be non porous, and should be easily washable.
  • Evacuation scheme should be clear.
  • A vestibule (sas) is mandatory. It integrates
    • A safety lock access (card reader) to enter the lab.
    • Dedicated boxes to change clothes (private => radiation protection).
    • A radiaton pad (hand + feets) to ckeck contamination when exiting the lab.



List of CERN People involved / to contact.

  • Radiation: Angelito Hervé (DGS/RP)
  • Safety: Olivier Prouteau (DGS/SEE)
  • Ventilation: Christian Bouvier (GS/SE)
  • 867-R2E Lab: Sylvain KAUFMANN (TE-MPE), (budget code for 867: 96442)