topDesign Notes

  • (2020-03-04) Informal discussion:
    • Serge + Nicolas: AC departure for 18kA
      • HL-LHC[18kA; +-10V] converter requires 170A departure, not 32A as stated in functional specification
      • Serge said he could use the two 140A departures already present for old IT system
      • Nicolas will check if the departure could be upgraded

  • (2020-02-10) Meeting:
    • Olivier F. + Edwin + Nicolas: Racks needed for HPM
      • Two news racks will be provided by HPM for both HL-LHC converter (featuring air conditioning)
      • A third rack is needed for the actual LHC13kA;08V and RPTE converter
      • A fourth rack will be shared with LPC (interlock) and HPM for potential future use (computer...)