Photo of the accelerator


The Booster accelerator is one of the older machine.
Four rings, 50m diametre Synchrotron are used from 1972.

TE-EPC-LPC is responsible of 129 power converters of the Booster machine.

TE-EPC-LPC Booster Units

Canada A1 15kW 012 Units G64
Canada A2 31kW 007 Units G64
Canada A3 35kW 002 Units G64
Canada B1 100kW 003 Units G64
Canada B2 250kW 001 Units G64
Acapulco 114 Units FGC3


TE-EPC-LPC Booster Upgrade project

A possible upgrade study sof the booster started in 2010 for an energy increase of the Booster. All information here: Booster Upgrade.