Photo of the accelerator

The ELENA is a compact ring for cooling and further deceleration of 5.3 MeV antiprotons delivered by CERN AD machine. Global documentation of the machine can be found here EDMS Folder N 1435672.TE-EPC is responsible of power converters for the ELENA, these converters being developped and installed during 2015-2016.

Documentation regarding the ELENA Project in the context of TE-EPC can be found:

  • Indico Meeting of the ELENA project, Doc N 3724.
  • EPC Work package 2.4 (Power Converters) of the ELENA project, in EDMS Doc N 1411392.

  • LPC Combo-Family converters of the ELENA project, in EDMS Folder N 114491.
  • LPC Cute-Family converters of the ELENA project, in EDMS Folder N 155388.


Cancun 50 37 Units + (02+01) spares LNR (Ring) and LNI (Injection Line) FGC3
Cancun 50 01 Unit Electron Cooler FGC3
Combo-Delta [1200 A; 15 V] 01 Unit * LNR.MSMIE.0115 FGC3
Combo-Delta [420 A; 45 V] 02 Units * LNI.MBHCB.0005 series LNI.MBHCB.0010, LNR.LMEEA FGC3
Combo-Delta [140 A; 45 V] 03 Units * LNR.MLDEA, LNR.MLTEA, LNI.MQNAF.0007 FGC3
Combo-Delta [xxx A; xx V]? 01 Unit * Electron Cooler Filament, 500 V isolated FGC3
Cute [12 A; 15 V] 30 Units + 03 spares Electron cooler (30) FGC3

List of different units being developped by LPC section for ELENA machine.
* in case of parrallel association of commercial units, only 1 module is foreseen as spare.

Some Pictures of the Facility / Machine

Some Pictures of ELENA Electron Cooler