Photo of the accelerator


High Intensity and Energy-Isotope Separator On Line DEvice (HIE-Isolde) is a facility dedicated to the production of a large variety of radioactive ion beams for a great number of different experiments.

Information regarding the commissioning can be found here: HIE-ISOLDE Commissioning Working Group Website.

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HIE-Isolde Projective Planning

TE-EPC-LPC is responsible of x power converters of the HIE-Isolde machine, as defined in this TE-EPC presentation.

TE-EPC-LPC HIE-Isolde Units

LHC120A-10V 02 Unitsmi-2014 + 6+1>2015 Solenoids FGC2
Cancun 30+3 Unitsmi-2014 Steerers FGC3
Cobalt 41+8 Unitsmi-2014 Quadrupoles FGC3

Some Pictures of the Facility / Machine

Cryogenic installation

Quadrupoles Converters: Cobalt & Cancun Converters (bldg 170)

Solenoid Converters: LHC120A-10V High Ej (bldg 199)