topDesign & Operation Responsibles

Yves THUREL Yves THUREL Project leader
Michel GEORGES Michel GEORGES Test, installation


Electro-Magnetic Compatibility is a key feature for large systems to ensure they can work together. It appears that testing EMC requires several costly apparatus, and specific knowledge regarding standards and level to be applied at CERN.


TE-EPC propose a service to TE (CERN) members to test and validate their equipments.
Work includes advices, testing, help on issues.
More info in this FAQ below:
Why can't i do it myself? Does it cost me something? How much time for a final report? Queues and Priorities? When will it be operationnal? Can i access result data?


Range of interest is defined below, reflecting the maximum coupling decoupling devices capability (voltage & current):
Power Lines voltage range Power Lines current range
[1; 3] Phases
[0; 400] VAC
< 63 A


topServices/Activities Proposed

We can offer 2 types of services:
Type Description Comment Apparatus
Emissions Conducted Noise According to IEC-61204-3
but also regarding internal limits, checked on both input and output sides, requiring specific apparatus.
  • Spectrum Analyzer .edms
  • LISN .edms
  • Several V. (1500 Ohms) and I. Probes .edms
Immunity Burst Tests
(7 ns / 50 ns)
According to
IEC 61000-4-4
  • Burst Generator and coupling devices .edms
Surge Tests
(1.2 μs / 50 μs)
According to
IEC 61000-4-5
  • 3 phases + Neutral Surge generator & its coupling device .edms